Linjefagene er for dem, som har lyst til ekstra udfordringer. I linjefagene foregår undervisningen på et niveau tilsvarende gymnasialt C-niveau eller derover - det er en overbygning på den almindelige undervisning (gælder både 8., 9. og 10. klassetrin). I øjeblikket tilbyder vi:

Elite English

The aim of this course is to offer students, who have a passion and aptitude for English, the chance to develop their language beyond a Secondary School level. The course will encourage students to communicate in various situations using the appropriate vocabulary. The lessons will also help students gain the confidence to use their English in more complex and challenging situations, discussing controversial topics and current issues in the English-speaking world.

Content and method

As only English will be spoken in class, it is important that any student wishing to take part in this class is confident speaking and writing in English at a high level, has a grasp of basic grammar and, most importantly, has a passion for the English language and English-speaking countries in general. Teaching will be in the form of group discussions/debates, oral presentations, and written assignments.

Topics will include:

  • The United States Presidential Election 2016
  • The American Dream – a black perspective
  • Discussion and analysis of healthcare and welfare systems in Britain and the US
  • Capital Punishment
  • The British Political System
  • Discussion of other current affairs and political issues
  • And whatever topics we decide on together in class
Lærer James Dumas (JD) Elite English, Engelsk, Photography, American Football, Fordybelsesfag Journalistik, Global Perspectives, Fordybelsesfag Sprog [javascript protected email address]