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Perfect your English skills

A linguistic and cultural journey through the Anglophone World awaits you on our exclusive Elite English course. This course is First Class all the way for those wanting to improve their English and gain insight and understanding of the English-speaking world. Native speakers will not only ensure that the level of English is credible, but also that you will receive genuine and honest first-hand knowledge of their respective countries. Each module will focus on a different element of learning English to help you develop your communication skills and master the language.

Your English-speaking world awaits.

Through the course you will work with following topics:


For the linguistics part of this course, we will dive into the different aspects of the science of language. For instance, we will look at phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and sociolinguistics. We will learn the vocabulary of language, watch short films, do written and oral exercises in small groups, read articles about sociolinguistics, and at the end of the class you will create your own mini-language in groups and present your work to the class.


Here you will have the opportunity to read both newer and older literature from primarily England and the United States. You will have time to immerse yourself in the language and enjoy the various ways in which it can be written. We will read different genres and you will also be doing some writing yourself. You will be introduced to a variety of writers and their life and background and to some of their more or less known work. You will also have the opportunity to choose some literature on your own and present it to the class.


For the cultural aspect of our English profile students will put into practice and use their English skills to communicate in various situations using the appropriate vocabulary. The lessons will also help students gain the confidence to use their English in more complex and challenging situations, discussing controversial topics and current issues in the English-speaking world. The teaching will be in the form of group discussions/debates, oral presentations, and written assignments.

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