When we say that Rejsby Europæiske Efterskole is “a world of learning”, then there is something about it. We emphasize that you learn something about the world in which you live.

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You can learn a lot from the school bench – but we also go out into the world and experience things in real life. Therefore, your school year focuses on much more than just books. Three times annually, we move the teaching out into the world and bring back a lot of new knowledge, learning and experiences. You will also find that the teaching at Rejsby Europæiske Efterskole often relate to topics and debates that are taking place in the world here and now.

Much more than just books

We are a secondary school with a high level of academic ambition, but that does not mean we have our heads stuck in books all day long. On the contrary. At the “efterskole” there are plenty of excellent facilities for everything that also provides energy for the brain: sports, arts, music, drama and crazy whims in everyday life.

Rejsby Europæiske Efterskole prepares you for Danish high school (or similar) with teaching at a high academic level. You learn a number of basic study techniques including reading methods, note taking, organisation skills, computer usage, grammar and how to write reports – skills you can use in the future.

You have the opportunity to study English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. We cooperate with educational institutions in both United Kingdom, Germany and France to offer international acknowledged examinations.

Social studies account for a significant part of the teaching at Rejsby Europæiske Efterskole. We see the news every day, and the starting point for the lessons is often current topics and the school journeys. Conversation and discussion among the students is an important part of the teaching. Every year, a number of politicians and other personalities visit the school, each of which draws attention to the social debate. You meet them face to face and have the opportunity to debate with them.

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