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Are you interested in travelling and experiencing other countries and cultures? Are you interested in social studies with a particular focus on Europe? Do you want to meet other young people from all over Europe and learn languages where it is spoken?

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A school year at Rejsby Europæiske Efterskole includes three travels in Europe. Travel is mandatory for all and without additional costs, as the journeys are included in the payment for the stay at the school.

The first journey in 2018/2019 goes to Tuscany. This journey aims to strengthen the community – it is an activity trip where you and your schoolmates will be challenged in different ways.

Next journey is in February and goes to the EU capital Brussels. The trip is linked to the school’s teaching in “EU Social Studies”, and you and your schoolmates will, among other things, visit various EU institutions and get in contact with Danish representatives.

The third and last journey is in April. Unlike the two previous journeys, this journey is done in classes – you and your classmates participate in an exchange with the theme ‘young people meeting young people’. In practical terms, this means that you and your classmates are travelling out and meeting another European school class, be accommodated at host families and thus come close to a different culture. The purpose of this journey is to increase your knowledge of other countries and cultures and to enhance your understanding of languages.

During the school year, our exchange partners visit Denmark, and you will serve as a host and representative of Danish culture.