Linjefagene er for dem, som har lyst til ekstra udfordringer. I linjefagene foregår undervisningen på et niveau tilsvarende gymnasialt C-niveau eller derover - det er en overbygning på den almindelige undervisning (gælder både 8., 9. og 10. klassetrin). I øjeblikket tilbyder vi:

The Anglophone World

The aim of this course is to offer students, who have a passion for English, the chance to develop their language beyond a Secondary School level. The course will encourage students to improve their skills in writing, reading and speaking.

The course will introduce you to the political, social and cultural factors that have underpinned the spread of English around the globe. It will focus on the period from c.1600 to c.1850 and will give a good background to British and American history. The course will include the making of the United Kingdom and the foundation of the United States, as well as the political institutions of both countries.

Another focus of this course will be a basic introduction to the English language with special reference to sentence analysis and grammatical terminology. This part of course will build upon the foundations of the study methods course provided at the beginning of the school year.

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Analyze common English phrases indicating the form and function at all levels
  • Explain and apply relevant concepts and terms
  • Pay more attention to linguistics

Furthermore the course will discuss the contents of a good book, and you will be introduced to some excellent English literature.

Content and method

Only English will be used in class. As Danish will not be used, it is important that any student wishing to take part in this class is confident speaking and writing in English at a high level, has a grasp of basic grammar and has a passion for the English language and English speaking countries in general. Please note that students will be expected to read at least two English novels during the semester as well as completing other written and oral tasks on a weekly basis. This is a very homework intense course and the texts are much more difficult to read due to the high level – so be prepared.

Lærer David Royal (DR) Engelsk, Fransk, Idræt, Spansk, Basketball, Mathematics, Fordybelsesfag Sprog [javascript protected email address]